glass sculpture

Brian Gives A New Life To Old Books By Carving Them Into Sculptures-13

What happens to the books once you have finished reading them? Rather than leaving them on library racks and get dusty, Brian has decided to give them a new life by sculpting. We  let you discover his incredible work. Brian Dettmer is an [...]

An Artist Creates Amazing Miniature Sculptures Of The Size Of A Sewing Needle Pinhead-19

Some people find it very difficult to pass a thread through the head of a sewing needle pin. Despite of that, an American artist creates surprising microscopic sculptures of the size of the head of the needle. Discover without delay this [...]


Honestly speaking, we would never have seen such sculptures before in our lives! We present to you the fantastic glass statues of artist Marta Klonowska that are made entirely from shards of glass! Like the artists of the island of Murano in Venice, [...]

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