An American Couple Builds The Prototype Of Futuristic Intelligent Roads-5

What if the roads of the future were not only environment friendly but also interact and facilitate you in a multitude of ways. Well this is the crazy project that an American couple wishes to carry out. We present to you Solar [...]

Gigantic And Realistic Flower Sculptures Made From Glass -19

Jason is a young glass artist, specializing in the production of unique and impressive artworks: he makes surprisingly realistic gigantic glass flowers! We make you discover his beautiful creations.  Jason Gamrath , 27, is an indisputable master of glass sculptures. He makes [...]

Dubai police is now equipped with Google Glass to traffic violators-3

Dubai police is taking extreme measures to penalize drivers who violate traffic laws. They are now equipped with Google Glass technology to identify and track the overspeeding vehicles. We explain to you everything about this police of the future. This week a police [...]

Inspired by Sea Shells, Canadian Researchers Make 200 Times Stronger Glass-2

Since the ancient times, the glass has found its utility in many everyday applications. However, the glass has one serious defect as it breaks very easily. Fortunately, Canadian researchers have solved the problem by developing a technique that makes the glass [...]

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