Discover The Extraordinary Precision And Accuracy Of Mechanical Watchmakers-4

Have you ever been fascinated by the operating mechanisms of a mechanical watch? This video reveals the talent and the attention to detail demonstrated by the watchmakers while making a watch. A must see! Nomos Glashütte is a company founded in 1990 and [...]

Creepy remains Of Abandoned Hospital where once hitler was treated-6

This abandoned sanatorium was once a military hospital during world war and a TB retreat before that. Adolf Hitler had also once stayed in this historical building during WW1 when he was a young soldier in army. We take you into [...]

V8 Hotel-A Hotel Dedicated To Automobiles Lets You Sleep In The Most Comfortable Cars (Photo Gallery)-19

If you are a lover of cars, you will definitely fall in love with this hotel. You can stay in the luxurious rooms decorated with very different styles, but all focused on the same theme: the automobile. We make you visit this [...]

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