This Inexpensive Smartphone Gadget Detects AIDS and Syphilis in Just 15 Minutes-

American engineers have developed a small device that plugs into a simple smartphone to detect the presence  of these two sexually transmitted diseases in blood. Some American engineers from Columbia University, New York have developed an inexpensive smartphone accessory that [...]

The Braisieur: A Unique Clock That Makes Coffee To Wake You Up-3

If you find it difficult to get out of the bed each morning, this new clock will make your waking up experience more enjoyable. This wonderful Machine does not only just tell you the time, it also prepares your coffee. Come on, [...]

Revolution: An Interesting Bicycle That Leaves Message Of Your Choice As Trail-

Bicycle enthusiasts have developed a bike that is able to write on the road while riding. The idea is is simple, the characters are pre-printed in 3D and then you have to just snap them on your tire to view the [...]

Navdy's New Head-up Display Lets Car Drivers Use Smartphone On Windscreen-

The start-up company Navdy is preparing to market a new head-up display that interfaces with an Android or iOS smartphone. It is able to project all the smartphone features and applications on the windshield of a car. The driver can then [...]

wireless mouse

DTOI has made the world’s first scanner wireless mouse. The mouse is wireless and features a small scanner to get instant pictures of the scanned documents. We tell you more about this amazing gadget.  Design to Innovation (DTOI) is a Hong [...]

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