A Futuristic Skateboard That Isn't A Skateboard Anymore-1

When we think of the future skateboard, we are often reminded about the one used by Marty McFly in Back to the Future. The company Hammacher Schlemmer has just come up with an interesting type of skateboard in the form of [...]

Discover This Unconventional Piano To Compose Melodies By Dragging And Vibrating Your Fingers-6

The Seaboard Grand keyboard is a revolutionary musical instrument. This impressive technology allows you to perfectly reproduce the sounds of many instruments. The result is amazing. We make you discover a piano like no other.In 2009, Roland Lamb, who was studying design [...]

Lotus develops the prototype of Superbike Tron-4

For the sports bikes fans! The famous futuristic motorcycle "Superbike" from the movie Tron has already become a reality. Still at its prototype stage, only 100 of this beautiful bike would be constructed. We make you discover this marvel of technology and [...]

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