future cars

Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla Hires Hackers To Secure Its Future Cars-

Aware of the risks of piracy that could hurt its reputation, as well as risk the lives of its customers, the electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors is trying to take help from hackers. This will be an elite team of thirty people [...]

Project Mobii: Future Cars Will Face And Gesture Recognition To Make Driving Safer-

With project Mobii, Ford and Intel are studying how facial and gesture recognition could be used in a car. The system could identify the driver and activate customized settings for him. Using their smartphones, the parents could even monitor their kids. [...]

Futuristic Flying Cars' Concept Using Iconic Vintage Cars -10

Science fiction films and novels often imagine future cars without wheels that will just fly in the air. This futuristic vision is also shared by the French photographer Renaud Marion  who illustrates the vintage cars without wheels and levitating in the current [...]

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