LightSail: Fiction Becomes Reality With A Satellite With Solar Sails-

Reality catches up with science fiction! A satellite with solar sails has just been created. Called "LightSail", the satellite is able to move in space using energy from sunlight.  We explain its design.After 6 years of intensive testing, the satellite "LightSail" is ready [...]

Smartphones Will Detect Explosives And Dangerous Gases Using Smart Cards-

Using simple modified RFID tags, MIT researchers have developed chemical sensors that are capable of transmitting information to smartphone regarding gases in the atmosphere. This revolutionary technology can have numerous applications for detection of explosives and hazardous gases. American chemists [...]

MIT Designs Furniture And Clothing That Can Self-Assemble-1

A team of researchers working at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working on "programmable materials" that transforms its shape with change in effect of temperature or water. With simple technical processes, wood, carbon or textiles could be converted into objects that can self-assemble.  [...]

Industrial Robot

Indeed, the scientific advances we are seeing today are unprecedented in the human history. However, not all these technologies will be implemented in everyday life. To make the life easier for us, the Mckinsey Global Institute in one of its [...]

3D Printed Drones And Self-Healing Aircraft: BAE Imagines Future of UAVs and 3D printers-1

The engineers of the defense company BAE Systems are working on the futuristic concepts that are potentially realisable by the year by 2040.  It will be possible to use 3D printers to prints small unmanned drones to be used in various fields. [...]

10 Things The New Google Driverless Car May Look Like-2

Without wheel, accelerator pedal or a driver, the new autonomous Google car is not just a potentially revolutionary technology but also an icon of automotive style in the 21century. Because of its unique arrangement of the headlights, its radar and its unique body [...]

Sand Babel: A Desert City Concept With 3D printed Skyscrapers -1

3D printers are very much in the news nowadays, they are mostly used for making small products. However, a group of chinese designers has set out to prove this concept wrong. They want to show that 3D printing can also [...]

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