New Thermochromic Furniture And Pots Change Color With Touch Of Your Skin-5

Imagine that your office furniture changes color at the touch of a hot cup of coffee? Designers have covered it with a layer of thermochromic paint that allows it to change its colour upon contact. We make you discover these amazing [...]

Crazy Furniture: A Short Film About The Secret Life Of Classrom Furniture-

For fun, an artist imagines how would the furniture in a classroom may behave once the school is over. He gives us his vision in a very funny and beautifully crafted video. The least we can say is that these objects know [...]

BigRep One 3D Printer For Cost Effective Commercial Printing Of Furniture-1

3D printing is finding its application in many diverse fields from biomedical engineering to the manufacturing of houses. Many ebay shops are selling customized 3D printed products for the customers. There has been quite a progress to make the small [...]

Furniture Designs To Make Your Apartment An Animal paradise-32

Our pets are very important to most of us as we get emotionally attached to them over time. Therefore, many of us would like that the our homes are not only comfortable places for us but also for our little [...]

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