funny cat photos


We all know that cats are a master of sneaking around in the house and finding the most suitable and comfortable places to rest. However, you might not know the fact that cats have the ability to transform themselves into [...]

Cats' paradise in Japanese island of  Fukuoka (Credit Fubirai)

A photographer Fubirai has discovered a paradise in the Japanese island of Fukuoka. However, this island is not a paradise for mice. Rather, it is a paradise for Cats. The cats swarm in the streets of the island and roam freely in [...]

Cats As Funny Hats

Are you looking for some good and stylish hat for the summer season? Well, perhaps now its the time to check a unique type of hats. You can use your cat to protect you against the sun and also show [...]

Funny Long Cat Beards

Many of you must have seen the white long beard of Christmas Santa. If anyone likes to grow such a long beard, one of the easiest and fast ways to grow such beard is using your cat. Here, we present [...]

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