Top 19 Worst Real Estate Photos-4

Home is a place we like to relax after the day at work. Naturally, everyone is looking for a quiet, aesthetic and comfortable real estate as his home.   However, on the fun side we are listing some of the [...]

12 Funny Robotic Failures That Will Make You Die Laughing-2

Although the predictions about the future make us to believe that these are robots will one day dominate the world. However, these moving images may reassure you that this may not be the case very soon! We share with you 12 [...]

Animals Of Savannah In Paris Metro-4

Attention animals invade the Paris Metro! Two photographers, Clarisse and Thomas, imagine what would have happened if animals of Savannah had invaded Paris Subway. A funny and touching montages where animals and humans live in perfect harmony! "AniMétro" is an idea [...]

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