25 Original Lamp Designs To Completely Transform Your Home-22

The designers are showing great creativity when it comes to reinventing everyday objects. We present to you 25 lamp desgins that will illuminate your interior with class! All these lamps are truly original, we would love to decorate our homes with [...]

Steampunk headphones-20 Stylish Audio Headphones To Enjoy Your Favorite Music-4

Music lovers, that's what brings you back to your love of music in the most unusual way! Today we share with you 17 of the most wacky and incredible audio headsets that you can use to listen to your favorite music [...]

World's First Functional Microscope Made Using LEGO Bricks-4

Carl had this wonderful idea of making the children interested in science. He built a microscope using only LEGO bricks. The result is simply amazing as the gadget works just like a small traditional microscope!  Just like a traditional microscope, it [...]

Chocolate Copter: A Geek Makes A Real Drone From Chocolate-2

What if you were served a drone with the tea? This is now possible thanks to a geek who has both a taste for the chocolate and an obsession with drones. Thats why, she has developed a drone made entirely of [...]

A Futuristic Pool Can be Made To Appear And Disappear-2

An Israeli company had this innovative idea of ​​designing a "magical" pool that appears and disappears according to your desires. We make you discover this amazing futuristic construction! The israeli based company, Agor Creative Engineering had this cool idea to have a pool [...]

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