Wind Tree: A Tree Shaped Windmill That Is Also Energy Efficient-4

The energy provided by the wind is free, environmentally friendly and inexhaustible but current wind turbines are often considered too noisy, too large and change the view of landscape. A Parisian start-up has developed a tree-shaped windmill system whose leaves act [...]

A French Town Meets All Its Electricty Requirements From Its Wastes-1

For the first time in history of France, a biogas power plant that exclusively uses non-recyclable waste, has been used to provide electricity to the town. The French town in question will be soon be supplied with all its electricity [...]

Snowy Chilean town Sewell

Today, there are dozens of abandoned cities where for various reasons, people had to leave their native homes behind. This is a selection of 20 such deserted cities from the four corners of the world. The human being has been [...]

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