Enjoy Amazing 3D Printed Bio Food With Herbs And Mushrooms-5

Rutzerveld Chloe loves to eat healthy. When she saw the success of 3D printers in modern times, it seemed logical to  her to use them for creating more balanced and good food for health. She had the bright idea to print a [...]

20 Incredible Examples Of Food Art by Daryana Ukrainian-18

Daryna posts incredible photographs of culinary art on her instagram account. Whether it is logos made from blueberries or cars and lemon fish, DGS share with you these creations full of imagination that will excite your taste buds. Daryna Kossar is a [...]

A LEGO Passionate Reproduces Amazing Models Of Everyday Objects-8

Chris used the famous LEGO to reconstruct the minimalist models of all sorts of everyday objects. Spaceships to food and technological devices, we share with you a range of these amazing  creations! Chris McVeigh  is an English artist who has a passion for LEGO! Using [...]

10 Unique Sculptures Made Of Delicious Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water-7

Even if their mothers always told them never to play with food, some of these artists have truly created some of the most incredible sculptures from food! We present to you a list of amazing creations that will make your mouth [...]

Satisfeito Fights Against Food wastage By Donating It To The Hungry-1

If you are shocked by the colossal amounts of food that end up going in the trash every day, you will appreciate this initiative. In Brazil, an anti-waste campaign has just been launched thanks to the help from normal restaurant customers. [...]

TellSpec Scans Your Food To Detect Harmful Chemicals For Your health-3

Two researchers have developed a handheld food scanner, named as TellSpec. It can get connected to your smartphone and help you detect all allergens, chemicals, nutrients and other calories present in your food. We present to you this little revolutionary gadget! Isabel [...]

Portugese artist creates Amazing Artworks Created Using Just A Pen And Everyday Objects-3

When we look at objects that surround us, it is not necessarily with an artistic interest. Nevertheless, it is sufficient for Victor to use his twist of imagination and a few pencil strokes to perform amazing artworks from everyday banal [...]

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