Early Warning System For Lithium-Ion Battery Explosion-1

In the United States, a team of researchers at Stanford University has developed a technique to give an early warning for lithium-ion battery system if it gets overheated or catches fire. The technology could easily be incorporated into existing batteries being [...]

This Little Dancing Red Man Makes Wait For Red Light A Fun-4

Who would not have violated the red traffic light, atleast once in a life, to avoid wait for it turning to green? To discourage people from adopting this dangerous behavior, a car manufacturer had the brilliant idea of ​​giving life to [...]

Saffir: A Firefighting Robot Designed By U.S. Navy Against Fires At Ship-

A group of Researchers, commissioned by the U.S. Navy , have made a big step forward in the field of robotics. They have developed a fantastic robot prototype which is capable of integrating into a team of firefighters to help extinguish [...]

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