Keychains Darth Vader:

Key follow us everywhere. On vacation, at work, in the car, etc. It is normal to have beautiful keychain, especially if they can show our love for the geek universe! We make you a small list of the best of them. [...]

Using iPhone François Merges Fiction With Reality To Create Funny Picture Associations-4

François is a young French film enthusiast who pays tribute to his favorite funny and original scenes from cult movies. Using a smartphone, he superimposes the iconic moments from the large and small screen with the actual environment that surrounds it. Discover [...]

Desire: Robots Learn New Skills To Remain Competitive-4

This short animated film highlights how the life of a worker robot is turned upside down when it is faced with more efficient and competitive robot. We present you this mini-movie that shows how the robot learns to use new techniques [...]

Evolution Of Special Effects From 1878 to 2014 In A Retrospective Video-

Since the advent of computers and digital technology, special effects in the films have entered a new age. Nevertheless, such techniques have existed since decades and have also evolved through the time. Jim has condensed more than 100 years of cinematic [...]

Bibo: A Lonely And Nostalgic Robot Remembers The Joys Of Human company-7

Two Russian filmmakers have produced a video in which a very endearing nostalgic robot recalls memories of the past. You will fall in love with this solitary and moving mechanical character. Directed by Anton Chistiakov and Mikhail Dmitriev, the short film Bibo features a somewhat unfortunate [...]

Douce Menace: An Animated Film In Which City Of Paris Is Destroyed By A Giant Pigeon-12

Douce Menance, translated as "Silent Threat", is a very nice animated film that makes you discover Paris and its monuments from a very unique perspective. They are destroyed by a giant pigeon.  This video, made ​​by  Margaux Vaxelaire  as his final [...]

20 Iconic Robots That Marked The History Of Cinema (Photo Gallery)-2

The robots are an important part of the cinematic landscape. They have even played the role of a hero or a villain in some films.  We present to you the example of 20 most famous robots from the history of [...]

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