Face Recognition

This New Japanese hotel Has No Human Staff And No Room Keys-1

Have you ever imagined a a hotel that does not has any staff and no room keys. Well, this idea is a reality now in Japan where a new hotel has opened that only has robots as its staff. This [...]

Project Mobii: Future Cars Will Face And Gesture Recognition To Make Driving Safer-

With project Mobii, Ford and Intel are studying how facial and gesture recognition could be used in a car. The system could identify the driver and activate customized settings for him. Using their smartphones, the parents could even monitor their kids. [...]

Face Recognition based on Width of Eyes and Position of Driver

With the advancement in technology, cars are equipped with many new features like lane changes, automated parking, red signal avoidance and many more. As the safety comes first so such techniques were introduced to ensure a safe journey. In this [...]

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