This Fully Autonomous Robot Will Soon Conquer Unexplored Ocean Depths-

Scientists have developed a fully autonomous underwater robot, capable of exploring the seabeds without human help. This invention could be used in many areas and map the unexplored depths. We tell you more about this little interesting piece of technology!  Researchers [...]

Micro Tactical Ground Robots Of Israeli Army Explore Tunnels In Gaza-3

The Israeli army is using crawler robots for the exploration of the maze of underground tunnels used by Hamas. By using robots, Israelis reduce the risk of casualties. One objective of the Israeli Army is to destroy all these tunnels built by [...]

Discover The Splendour Of New York City By The Eye Of A Drone -5

It is very easy to get anywhere in New York by bus, taxi or metro and discover the "city that never sleeps." But some places are inaccessible to ordinary human beings. Here is a video filmed by a drone that takes you [...]

U-CAT: A Turtle Robot To Access Difficult Places Underwater (Video)-1

Visiting an underwater shipwreck or a deep cave in the ocean is not an easy task. That is why the researchers have developed this little robot that looks like a turtle, to enable them to explore inaccessible places. We make you explore this [...]

The Discovery Of A Mysterious Rock On Mars Intrigues The Scientific Community-1

Opportunity was the rover sent on Mars about 10 years ago. After 10 years of operation on the red planet, it has completed its mission with a nice surprise. The rover has discovered a strange rock that was not there [...]

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