Scientists Insert elctrodes into butterflies-

American scientists have made the first step towards controlling the butterflies remotely using neuro-muscular implants. In fact, the researchers are analysing the in flight muscular movements of butterfly, so that they can produce pulses to  control the movements of insects. We [...]

Groundbreaking-Scientists Manipulate Water Waves To Move Objects On A Desired Path-1

Australian researchers have discovered a phenomenon that comes from the world of science fiction. By manipulating the wave propagation, they were able to move an object from one point to another on a desired trajectory.  We tell you more about [...]

Colour Chaser: A Robot That Creates A Melody From Your Drawing-3

Making music has never been so much fun! Thanks to a robot designed by a Japanese designer, you only have to make to a nice drawing and Colour Chaser robot changes the color lines into music. We tell you more about [...]

This Amazing Bacteria Feeds Exclusively On Electricity For Its Survival-1

To survive, every living being needs to consume electricity in some form. Humans ingest electrons when they consume sugar. But a type of bacteria named as Mariprofundus ferrooxidans feed directly on electricty from charged electrode. Amazing! Electrons play a vital role in the [...]

Augmented Reality Transforms A Sandbox Into Landscapes of Rivers And Volcanic Eruptions (Video)-5

Augmented reality never ceases to impress us. Today, it has been used to transform a sandbox into the flowing rivers and eruption of volcanoes ! This very original experience has been achieved using a 3D Kinect camera, a computer, a simulation software [...]

Light Kinetics: See The Light Move From One Bulb To Another Like A Tennis Ball-2

Did you know that you could make the light move like a tennis ball? This has been successfully achieved by a creative studio through an experiment that combines art and physical kinematics. We make you discover this video.  Espadaysantacruz is a Spanish studio of [...]

The World's First Artificial Lung: A Major Breakthrough For The Future Of Transplantation-2

The lung transplantation operations have suffered from two major drawbacks: First of all there are not enough donations of lungs, secondly, very often after lung transplantation the immune system of the patient may deem the lung as some foreign body and [...]

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