This Revolutionary Exoskeleton Turns Factory Workers Into SUPERHEROES-3

Named as the Robo-Mate, using this technology a worker can lift ten times heavier loads thanks to an exoskeleton that provides metallic support to back, legs and arms. According to the experts this approach is more safe as now workers [...]

People With Reduced Mobility Can Use This Revolutionary Exoskeleton To Walk-2

A team of scientists has developed a lightweight exoskeleton that allows people with reduced mobility to walk with less effort. Manufactured with carbon fiber, it weighs about 500 grams for each leg (the same weight as a conventional shoe).  We invite [...]

Robotic Exoskeleton

FIFA world cup started with a mind controlled robotic kick. A paralysed teenager makes the first kick with the help of robotic exo-skeleton. The skeleton has been prepared by a Brazilian doctor Miguel Nicoliles. FIFA world cup always brings something [...]

it weighs 23kg

Each year about 15,500 buildings catch fire causing deaths of up to 60 innocents and injuring up to 930 with a yearly loss of US$ 252. To help the firefighters, a new exoskeleton has been developed which will transform them [...]

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