Sweden And Norway Import Waste To Fuel Their Electrical Power Plants-5

While many countries are trying to reduce the amount of waste produced by them each year, others are in the opposite situation! Norway and Sweden, which use waste to fuel their power plants, are experiencing an unprecedented shortage of  waste that [...]

Forget plastic bottles, You Can Now Drink Water In A Blob-1

In our daily life we see the plastic everywhere and it is polluting our planet. To curb this problem, a team of designers has developed a new way to drink the water. Instead of using the plastic bottle, replace it [...]

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System-World largest power plant can power 140000 homes-4

Although, there is a rush in the world for the development for the renewable energy sources, these renewable energy sources suffer from some drawbacks. The renewable energies cost more to a household as compared to the coal or the conventional [...]

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