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Now 3D Printing Can Be Used To Print Future Home Gardens-4

3D printing is now increasingly used to create new and innovative projects. Very recently, we had written an article about how a house with 3D printed components was assembled in just 3 hours. This time researchers and students are making [...]

Adidas Fabricates Shoes Made Entirely From Recycled Plastics-

In one of our recent article, we had discussed how 3 Englishmen are using plastic waste from the sea to create shoes. Indeed, plastic wastes are not only destroying the beauty of our beaches but also pose a serious threat [...]

Make Yourself Brand New Shoes Using The Waste On The Beaches-3

Three Englishmen have developed a pair of shoes made entirely from waste on the beach, as part of their project "Everything You Buy is Rubbish". An alternative to flip-flops... If you're the kind of one who gets tired quickly of [...]

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