Eco-ducts: Ingenious Bridges To Save Thousands Of Animals-3

It is often difficult to reconcile the construction of new roads with wildlife around it. For example, every year in France, there are approximately 24,000 animals that collide on the road with automobiles, not to mention the birds and insects. This [...]

Top 17 Photographs Showing Alarming Devastation Of Earth-12

The effects of global warming and polluting activities of human beings are increasingly worrisome. Yet despite this irreparable environmental damage, many people refuse to open their eyes. The site "Population Speak Out" has decided to show the harsh reality behind [...]

Revolutionary Technology To Produce Paper From Plastic Bottles In Trash-3

Young Mexican engineers have achieved an unprecedented ecological feat. By recycling plastic bottles, they have created a mineral paper, as good as standard paper. We explain you all about this as economic, as well as, environmental technology. Ever Adrian Nava , co-founder [...]

The Grand Canyon -Arizona (United States)-Stunning Photographs Reveal The Astounding Beauty Of our planet-7

Our beautiful planet is full of beautiful scenes each more beautiful than other. We take pleasure to introduce you to 16 of the most beautiful places. We take you around the world from Seychelles Norway to Canada! Discover without delay these [...]

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