Steampunk headphones-20 Stylish Audio Headphones To Enjoy Your Favorite Music-4

Music lovers, that's what brings you back to your love of music in the most unusual way! Today we share with you 17 of the most wacky and incredible audio headsets that you can use to listen to your favorite music [...]

New Attractions In Disney Theme Parks Using Drones-3

The magical world of Disney theme parks could take a new turn with new entertainments using drones. The Walt Disney Company has filed three patents in this regard. The American company created in 1923 by Walt Disney just filed three patents [...]

A Touching Advertisement Shows The Heroic Daily Life Of A Common Man-4

In Thailand, an insurance agency has come with an out of the box approach to promote its services. This publicity video appeals to the human values and emotions to reach out to people. The video has hit 10 million views [...]

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