This Amazing Conference Table Is Actually A Huge Jet Engine-1

Often we think that there is no use for a an obsolete jet engine. Yet MotoArt, an American company specializing in the recycling of aircraft parts, had this brilliant idea to recycle an impressive Boeing 747 engine into a conference table. [...]

SixenseVR SDK: A Virtual Reality Development Tool For Non-programmers-3

Virtual reality is a technology that has undergone lots of advancements in recent few years. However, this development is only accessible to the experienced software developers. A company had this bright idea of ​​creating the right tools to make the [...]

This Concept Car Is Capable Of Running A Century Without A Refill-3

This revolutionary car will help you economize fuel! This concept car is indeed capable of running 100 years without a refuel or electrical recharge. Its engine will be powered by thorium mineral which is capable of producing a considerable amount of energy. [...]

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