Vortex Bladeless: This Innovative Wind Turbine Produces Electricity Without Propeller-

The wind turbines, as we know them, with huge blades may soon be a thing of the past. Vortex Bladeless is a Spanish company that has come up with this innovative turbine without propeller. Actually, it uses the phenomenon of Vorticity [...]

Engineers Develop Self-cooling Solar Panels For Future Renewable Energy Needs-2

More efficient solar panels that last longer may soon be a reality. Researchers at the Stanford University are developing a technique to improve the process. Their discovery could be a big step forward for the promotion of renewable and green energy. Check [...]

Future Robots Could Be Powered By Your Own Urine-1

Every day, new robots with really incredible capabilities are being designed by human beings. With this frenetic production of new machines comes the fateful question: how will we make them all work? Researchers have found the solution: use your own urine to [...]

Altaeros Enegies

Electricity has become a basic human need nowadays and its importance is unquestionable though. Well, the turbines are one of the basic sources of electricity production. Turbines produce electricity from water, wind and many other resources. Recently, a floating turbine [...]

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