electric car

Olli Is A 3D Printed Electric Minibus That Can Be Printed In A Day--1

The IBM IT group and the US manufacturer of 3D printed car, Local Motors, has created Olli, a 3D printed electric minibus with the assistance of the supercomputer named Watson. This minivan of the future is a real technological feat! [...]

Volkswagen V-Charge Electric Car To Park Itself And Charge Its Battery Autonomously-1

With the advent of Volkswagen's V-load program, it would be possible that a vehicle could in future be able to park itself at a location that has a induction charging station and then leave when the charging is complete. The [...]

Renault Kwid Concept car Will Come With A Launchable Drone-1

Renault has come up with Renault Kwid car concept. This light weight car has been designed for the roads of India, where in cities there are often traffic jams while in the countryside the drivers have to navigate their way [...]

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