eiffel tower

Two Hidden Wind Turbines Will Power First Floor Of Eiffel Tower-3

The Eiffel Tower is certainly the best known monument of France. Today, this huge structure is undergoing modernization. Hidden inside this huge infrastructure are two wind turbines that will allow it to generate a part of energy required for itself? Of [...]

15 Photographs Prove That Paris Is Indeed The City Of Lights-7

Using this series of photographs we can easily understand that why Paris is called the «City Of Lights». These magnificent photographs show the city with all its splendor. We share with you these 15 most beautiful photos of Paris in the midnight. [...]

Big Ben London(Credit Michael Hughes)

When the visitors travel to different parts of the world, they always want to bring some memories of the journey in the form of photos and souvenirs.  However, Michael Hughes who is both a traveller and a photographer, has a found a [...]

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