Recycle Your Glass Bottles Into Ecological And Decorative lamps-7

Sustainable development is an important theme of the modern projects, it signifies that while doing these projects their ecological and social impact on the environment must also be taken into account. This can therefore lead to the recycling of everyday items. [...]

Two Hidden Wind Turbines Will Power First Floor Of Eiffel Tower-3

The Eiffel Tower is certainly the best known monument of France. Today, this huge structure is undergoing modernization. Hidden inside this huge infrastructure are two wind turbines that will allow it to generate a part of energy required for itself? Of [...]

Revolutionary Technology To Produce Paper From Plastic Bottles In Trash-3

Young Mexican engineers have achieved an unprecedented ecological feat. By recycling plastic bottles, they have created a mineral paper, as good as standard paper. We explain you all about this as economic, as well as, environmental technology. Ever Adrian Nava , co-founder [...]

Engineers Develop Self-cooling Solar Panels For Future Renewable Energy Needs-2

More efficient solar panels that last longer may soon be a reality. Researchers at the Stanford University are developing a technique to improve the process. Their discovery could be a big step forward for the promotion of renewable and green energy. Check [...]

An American Couple Builds The Prototype Of Futuristic Intelligent Roads-5

What if the roads of the future were not only environment friendly but also interact and facilitate you in a multitude of ways. Well this is the crazy project that an American couple wishes to carry out. We present to you Solar [...]

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