Dubai Plans To Build An Entire City Resort With Self-Regulating Temperature-3

After building an indoor ski slope in the desert, city of Dubai is embarking on a new project crazy: a city whose temperature will be regulated automatically. We tell you more about this new innovative city to be constructed in [...]

Dubai police is now equipped with Google Glass to traffic violators-3

Dubai police is taking extreme measures to penalize drivers who violate traffic laws. They are now equipped with Google Glass technology to identify and track the overspeeding vehicles. We explain to you everything about this police of the future. This week a police [...]

The Change In The Skyline Of World's Top 11 Most Famous Cities-13

The world is constantly evolving over the time. We see how the cities are growing and developing over time. Within a span of few years the buildings get replaced by the huge skyscrapers or the gigantic malls. Some cities have seen [...]

UAE Government Planning To Use Drones For Delivering Official Documents-

Earlier we had written an article about the Glamorous Fleet of Fast Cars Used By The Dubai Police, in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE government continues to surprise us with its modern and often innovative projects. This time, according [...]

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