A really awe-inspiring video that shows us what happens when many quadcopters as well as a car,  are fitted with lights and then made to move and dance around in circles. While at the same time a long exposure camera [...]

Air Shepherd: Drones To Fight Against Elephant Poaching-1

In Africa 100,000 elephants were killed between 2010 and 2012. At this rate, poaching may threaten the very existence of the species within next 10 years. Fighting against this illegal activity is not easy, but the use of drones will [...]

Drones Used To Stop Chinese Students From Cheating In High Stress University Examina are now using DRONES to stop students cheating in high-pressure university entrance exams-

In the previous, Chinese authorities had discovered students using high-tech gadgets for cheating in university entrance exam "Gaoko". They used wireless gadgets to get answers from their helpers outside. As a response, this year drones have been used to counter [...]

A Revolutionary Approach Using Drones To Plant 1 Billion Trees Per Year!-

Lauren Fletcher, an engineer at NASA, wants to fight against deforestation by developing drones for large-scale reforestation. This approach can plant a billion trees every year. We tell you more about this project by the environmental specialist. After 20 years [...]

An Ultra Fast Drone Ambulance To Fight The Cardiac Arrests-

A prototype of "drone ambulance, able to quickly carry a defibrillator to victims of cardiac arrest, was presented Tuesday at the University of Delft, Netherlands. It seems to have created lots of buzz in emergency services. "About 800,000 people in the [...]

This Tiny Robot Will Amaze You By Its Robustness And Fast Action-

We predict that this unique Micro-UAV by CyPhy Works will soon be famous. Its performances is just amazing when compared to its tiny size. The American manufacturer hopes that it will be used by the special forces units in their [...]

Google Wing: Google Tests Its Drone Delivery Project In Australia-5

Google has done some more trials of its drone delivery system in Australia. Google has been secretly working on this project, entitled Project Wing, for the last two years. If these aerial drones are deployed they could deliver a product at home within few [...]

Robosub 2014: The Amazing Competiton Of Submarine Drones-

The 17th edition of the international Robosub competition took place in San Diego (USA) in early August. Much less publicized as compared to DARPA Robotics Challenge, the tournament organized by AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) involves Autononous Underwater Vehicles [...]

Paris Police To Experiment With Drones To Combat Crimes-

The Paris Police will soon be experimenting with drones for the surveillance of sensitive areas in the French capital. On the other side of Atlantic, majority of American cities have already acquired many drones for the same purpose. The adoption of [...]

3D Printed Drones And Self-Healing Aircraft: BAE Imagines Future of UAVs and 3D printers-1

The engineers of the defense company BAE Systems are working on the futuristic concepts that are potentially realisable by the year by 2040.  It will be possible to use 3D printers to prints small unmanned drones to be used in various fields. [...]

Hexo+: A Drone That Can Follow And Film You Using GoPro Camera-4

A French company has designed an autonomous unmanned drone that is capable of tracking and filming the moving objects. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding that has generated lots of craze among the extreme sports lovers. Hexo + is [...]

MIT Developing Drones That Can Recharge From Power Lines-

A team of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been working on a project for several years  that would allow drones to locate power lines and recharge their batteries from them, before resuming their flight. A technology still under development that [...]

Rolls royce

Rolls Royce is one of the renowned car making companies in the world. Whenever, it comes up with a new model, it is always with catchy looks and the car is assumed to be one of the best in the [...]


Drones are the most effective and powerful tools in the technology of warfare. They are extensively being used across the globe. A lot of research is being made in this regard. Besides their effectiveness in war, they are also being [...]

Long Exposure Photography-Examples Of Beautiful Light Painting Using Drones-4

Long exposure photography is one of the most popular photography techniques in which shutter speed and duration is adjusted so that the stationery elements in the scene are captured as it is while the moving parts of the scene get [...]

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