Outry As A Student Demonstrates Use Of A Functional Gun Mounted On A Drone-1

If you are a lover of the peaceful use of drones then this video would certainly make you anxious. In a video, that has been released to the youtube, an 18 year old student of Mechanical Engineering has shown how [...]

A Drone That Self-stabilizes Like A Tightrope Walker-1

A team of researchers at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, has developed a technology that allows a flying drone to restore its position in any situation and land in case of emergency, just like a tightrope walker. An innovation that [...]

First Test Flight Of A Drone Piloted By Power Of Thinking-1

As part of the European project Brainflight, the first flight of a drone controlled by thought has just taken place . Tekever, the Portuguese company that is doing this experiment, is convinced that this technology could one day be used by commercial [...]

A Drone Ambulance Straight From The Movie Avatar-

Conceived by a design studio, this quadrocopter of the size of a helicopter is supposed to speed up the evacuation of the wounded to a hospital from the accident scenes. CONCEPT: In accidents, the lives are often lost within the next few minutes [...]

DALER-A bat inspired robot that can fly and move on the ground-3

DALER is definitively different from other drones. Thanks to its folding and retractable wings, it is not only able to fly, but also move on the ground. A drone inspired by the morphology of bats, it could help rescuers during search of [...]

Scary Drone Video Captures Ruins of Ghost Town Of Chernobyl-10

Almost 30 years after the explosion of the Chernobyl's nuclear power plant, the Ukrainian city is still abandoned and continues to make headlines. Danny decided to capture his fascinating tour of the nearby city of Pripyat through a harrowing video filmed [...]

Stunning Aerial Photographs Taken By Drones Offer A Unique Perspective-7

Today we offer you to fly over the world through a sumptuous series of aerial photographs. All these scenes have been immortalized by the drones in the most beautiful way. Discover without delay. 1. An eagle flies over the Bali Barat [...]

Amazing iPhone Controlled Bionic Bird Flies By Beating Its Wings-

Have you ever fanatsized flying your own robotic bird using your smartphone? Well, this is now possible thanks to a French aeronautical engineer who has designed the Bionic Bird. This mini-drone has no propeller like most of the drones, rather it beats [...]

A Drone Captures Dangerously Close Video Of Volcanic Eruptions-5

For the photographers, it is always difficult to take the fabulous snapshots of the volcanic eruptions as approaching the lava is never without its risks. However, thanks to a drone operating team and a remotely controlled camera, scientists were able [...]

DJI phantom goes fishing-

We already knew about the types of fishing using spear or fishing net or using the dynamite etc. But fishing using drone is the very first of its kind. Check out this new technique in this unusual video. When the team amateur [...]

Scientists Successfully Land A UAV On A Moving Vehicle-

A team of robotic experts from University of Waterloo has developed a system that allows a UAV to land on an autonomous land vehicle in motion. This technology could have military applications, but not only... Operating a drone from an autonomous [...]

New Attractions In Disney Theme Parks Using Drones-3

The magical world of Disney theme parks could take a new turn with new entertainments using drones. The Walt Disney Company has filed three patents in this regard. The American company created in 1923 by Walt Disney just filed three patents [...]

Chocolate Copter: A Geek Makes A Real Drone From Chocolate-2

What if you were served a drone with the tea? This is now possible thanks to a geek who has both a taste for the chocolate and an obsession with drones. Thats why, she has developed a drone made entirely of [...]

Discover The Splendour Of New York City By The Eye Of A Drone -5

It is very easy to get anywhere in New York by bus, taxi or metro and discover the "city that never sleeps." But some places are inaccessible to ordinary human beings. Here is a video filmed by a drone that takes you [...]

Flying Drones Play Extraordinary Orchestra Classics To The Perfection-

Drones we are often presented as very useful machines for the military or the surveillance purposes, but they are also able to entertain us! An American company has transformed these flying machines into a real flying musical orchestra. Discover this beautiful [...]

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