In Japan, Robot Dogs Can Now Have A Dignified Funeral Like Real Animals-5

We already knew about the love of Japanese for the robots, but did you know that some Japanese had so much affection for them that they treated them like family members, even at the time of death? Indeed, some of them [...]

Spot A Highly Sophisticated Robot For Disasters To Master Any Terrain-2

This revolutionary dog-like robot, developed by Google, is capable of walking through difficult terrains during natural disasters. Indeed, it has an incredible sense of balance that allows it to stand in any situation. For some, this robot might become man's best friend. [...]

Spain Husky-Most Beloved Dog Breeds Worldwide-

The dog is a beloved pet worldwide. However, depending on the country, people's preferences about dogs' race vary greatly. This sometimes leads to surprising results! This study was conducted by Klooff, a social network focused on pets. The company measured the involvement of [...]

Whisper: World's First Dog To Enjoy BASE Jumping With His Master-6

Whisper is a very special dog. In fact, its passion is not chasing the cats but to enjoy free falls with its master! And it has won the title of being the first dog in the world to have experienced this extreme [...]

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