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10 Real Easy Hacks To Keep You Cool During This Summer-

Summer is no doubt an awesome time with sweet walks during the mornings and in the evenings. However, when its not raining there are times and places where summer heat almost overpowers you. Especially, if this happens during the night [...]

Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad-1

We got the intuition of this project from the video below which gives a new lift to Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball Z series. It was enough to arouse our enthusiasm and we hastened to pass this crucial information to [...]

A man makes a wonderful coffee table using birch logs-4

Apart from the simple case of assembling the legs of a table, making high end furniture like a couch or a sofa is often a very difficult. Sometimes, the result is a total mess and you get something that is [...]

Kano Kit: Make Your Own Computer With Legos In Just $99-

The computer Kano had one of the most successful crowd sourcing campaigns on the Kickstarter, The Kano computer kit will be officially launched next month. Using this kit you can assemble your own low cost computer in just $99. Do [...]

Coffee machine

A good news for the coffee fans across the globe! Recently, a disposable coffee machine has been introduced. With this new machine it is possible to make and brew brew the Coffee while on the move. The concept of disposable [...]

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