Most Powerful And Deadly DIY 'Laser Shotgun' Destroys The Household Items-2

Military has many formidable weapons but it is difficult to get your hands on them, unless you have the resolve to build one of them for yourself. This is exactly what Drake Anthony, a student and a DIY enthusiast from [...]

Make A Real Movie Projector From Pizza Hut's New Box Using Smartphone-4

You would have experienced that while enjoying Pizza with friends, watching movies is a natural fit. For all such movie lovers, the Pizza Hut has created a new type of cardboard Pizza Box. Using your smartphone, you can easily convert [...]

A Passionate Uses LEGO Bricks To Build A Functional Robotic Arm-2

The LEGO creations never cease to amaze us. These small bricks have even resulted in some of the innovative and pioneering projects. Here, we show you the work of a LEGO passionate who has managed to make a completely functional robotic arm [...]

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