Build Yourself A Planet Observation Telescope With A Single Camera-1

Did you ever think that it is possible to detect planets outside our solar system using a single camera? Yet an American astronomy enthusiast has shown that it is not necessary to invest all your fortune in an expensive telescope to [...]

Discover The Secret Of The Mysterious Smells Of Old Books-2

Just walk into a section of library with old books, you would definitely feel their peculiar smell. But where does this unique smell of old books come from? We explain to you everything about this phenomenon. Matija Strlic, a researcher at [...]


Scientists have managed to develop the world's darkest material: the Vantablack. It is a surface capable of absorbing 99.97% of light. We present to you this this unusual material. Surrey Nanosystems, a UK company specializing in nanotechnology, has used carbon nanotubes which [...]

This Amazing Bacteria Feeds Exclusively On Electricity For Its Survival-1

To survive, every living being needs to consume electricity in some form. Humans ingest electrons when they consume sugar. But a type of bacteria named as Mariprofundus ferrooxidans feed directly on electricty from charged electrode. Amazing! Electrons play a vital role in the [...]

Dazzling Natural Phenomena Of Our Planet Earth-17

Our beautiful planet holds many wonders and phenomena that are often fascinating...even mesmerizing! Today you discover our selection of 22 dazzling scenes that prove the beauty of our planet Earth. Explore without delay;). 1. A storm coming ... 2. And now a [...]

Top 17 Most Beautiful Stairs That Will Make You Dreaming-7

When talking about street art, we often imagine imposing paintings on the walls. But it's not just the buildings that are the subject of this urban art, stair treads can also become the subject of artists inspiration! We make you discover [...]

Discover The Splendour Of New York City By The Eye Of A Drone -5

It is very easy to get anywhere in New York by bus, taxi or metro and discover the "city that never sleeps." But some places are inaccessible to ordinary human beings. Here is a video filmed by a drone that takes you [...]

The Grand Canyon -Arizona (United States)-Stunning Photographs Reveal The Astounding Beauty Of our planet-7

Our beautiful planet is full of beautiful scenes each more beautiful than other. We take pleasure to introduce you to 16 of the most beautiful places. We take you around the world from Seychelles Norway to Canada! Discover without delay these [...]

Google Street View Takes You To The Gigantic Temples of Cambodia-18

If you have ever dreamed of exploring ancient temples buried in the jungle, Google provides you with this opportunity without leaving the comfort of your home! Google Street View is now proposing a visit to the Cambodian temples, including the famous [...]

Amazing Stunt Of Walking On A Tightrope Between Two Air Balloons Above Clouds-

A group of french stuntmen called skyliners are recognized by their courage and composure. Their feat of walking on a tight cable above clouds between hot balloons is really amazing. Indeed these french men decided to take a very crazy [...]

Scientists Have Finally Managed To Produce Synthetic Spider Silk-3

The spider silk is stronger than steel and just as flexible as rubber. The combination of these two features makes it an important fiber. Recently, a German company has found the secret to make the spider silk synthetically. We tell you [...]

Abandoned churches around the world-4

Man has built many incredible monuments over the centuries but it has also abandoned thousands of places that are full of mysteries. However, the nature always tries to eventually re-assert itself over these abandoned places. We make you discover these 24 abandoned churches [...]

The World's First Artificial Lung: A Major Breakthrough For The Future Of Transplantation-2

The lung transplantation operations have suffered from two major drawbacks: First of all there are not enough donations of lungs, secondly, very often after lung transplantation the immune system of the patient may deem the lung as some foreign body and [...]

Guillaume Ducreux-Discover The Magnificent Beauty Of An Abandoned Palace-2

In the horror movies we have often see abandoned castles, often inhabited by the evil spirits. Well, a photographer has overcome all his internal fears to discover this majestic abandoned palace in France on the frontier with Belgium.  This French [...]

Atypical architecturaly exotic Cities-35

The human mind has a capacity for incredible creativity, especially when it comes to places designed for living. We take you from the life in today's bustling cities to the discovery of 12 places having totally atypical architecture. Discover without delay! [...]

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