Engineering Students Use Power Of Thinking To Control Wheelchair-1

French engineering students have developed a prototype a helmet that can control a wheelchair by just using the brain signals.  We explain to you how this promising innovation works! Controlling  the speed and direction of a wheelchair by just thinking about [...]

Japanese Scientists Develop A Hybrid Human-Robotic hand With Seven Fingers-1

A team of MIT researchers has designed a hand glove with two robotic fingers. The glove has embedded sensors and associated algorithms to detect finger movements and use them to control robotic finger movements. The idea is to accomplish the [...]

A Microchip Enables A Quadriplegic To Move His Hand For The First Time-3

Science has just taken a big stride in the field of bio-medical engineering! Ian is a young quadriplegic man who was able to move his hand using his mind, thanks to a microchip implanted in his brain. This is an unprecedented innovation that [...]

Custom Leg Prosthesis Designs For The Fashionable Amputees-12

Some people, despite of their disabilities, do not consider themselves handicapped, and want to live and enjoy the life to its fullest. We present to you some of the customized and fashionable leg prostheses designs for such people.  Bespoke Innovations was [...]

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