Could This Revolutionary Sticker Help Diabetics Avoid Daily Blood Tests?-1

A team of researchers at the University of California, specializing in nanotechnology, have developed an epidermal sticker that can measure glucose levels in the blood. Still in its prototype stage, this device could eventually help diabetics to prevent daily blood tests. [...]

iPhone Application To Effectively Control Sugar Levels In Diabetic-

Researchers have developed a great tool that will be of great service to individuals with diabetes. Called "bionic pancreas" it allows patients to monitor their blood sugar better than ever. We present this device that proves that technology can be also [...]

Google Announces Launching Contact Lenses To Monitor Sugar Level In Diabetics-1

The web giant Google has once gain surprised us with its new innovative technology in the field of health sciences. Contact lenses will now be able to measure blood sugar levels in your body! We explain in detail this new [...]

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