25 Original Lamp Designs To Completely Transform Your Home-22

The designers are showing great creativity when it comes to reinventing everyday objects. We present to you 25 lamp desgins that will illuminate your interior with class! All these lamps are truly original, we would love to decorate our homes with [...]

Top 18 Artistic Table Designs That Will Make You Admire Their Beauty-14

Real centerpiece of a room, it's around the tables that family and friends gather. When artistic ingenuity join aesthetic beauty of tables, it is a feast at every meal. We present to you a choice of tables that will make you [...]

Sharifi-Ha House, Tehran, Iran, The Rooms Of This Amazing House Can Be Rotated By 90 Degrees-5

Some architects do not hesitate come up with creative designs to make their buildings as useful as possible. This is particularly the case with this 3 story modular home: every part of this beautiful home has the ability to rotate [...]

A Trendy Submarine Designed By A Former Enemy Of James Bond-

With this futuristic submarine, the sea exploration takes another dimension. Designed by Graham Hawkes, the villain who chases James Bond in the film "For Your Eyes Only", this underwater trendy boat and allows you to navigate the bottom of the ocean [...]

Colour Chaser: A Robot That Creates A Melody From Your Drawing-3

Making music has never been so much fun! Thanks to a robot designed by a Japanese designer, you only have to make to a nice drawing and Colour Chaser robot changes the color lines into music. We tell you more about [...]

New Thermochromic Furniture And Pots Change Color With Touch Of Your Skin-5

Imagine that your office furniture changes color at the touch of a hot cup of coffee? Designers have covered it with a layer of thermochromic paint that allows it to change its colour upon contact. We make you discover these amazing [...]

Visit The New Sparkling Coca-Cola Offices In London-

Coca-Cola launches its new office in London and its design pays tribute to the Coca-Cola Culture! We present to you its new London premises that do not lack originality. Discover them without delay :) Designed by architects at Morey Smith, the new Coca-Cola office in [...]

A DIY Mechanical Robotic Arm That Can Draw You Favourite Drawings-2

Engineers have developed a very unique robot that turns out to be much more talented in drawing as compared to most of us. Indeed, it is a robot whose drawing skills will make most of us Jealous.  The TRS Drawbot is a drawing [...]

BULBING: A Flat LED Lamp That Gives ILLUSION Of 3D Shapes-7

If you want to exchange your lamp shade with something class and more stylish then we found something very perfect for you. Discover this LED lamp that produces a surprising 3D effect. An Israeli design studio,  Studio Cheha, based in Tel [...]

Amazing 3D Printed Chairs Shaped Like Realistic Animals-

A painter, sculptor and photographer has made some incredible 3D printed chairs that are shaped like animals. We make you discover these beautiful creations. Máximo Riera is an artist who has been practicing art for over thirty years as a photographer, [...]

Kelemens Torggler Amazing Doors Fold Onto Themselves Like Origami-1

An Austrian designer has invented a new design for sliding doors that open and close in a surprisingly distinguished manner. At the slightest touch, they fold onto themselves like origami! We make you discover these magic doors in pictures. Most of [...]

An Abandoned Flemish City Becomes A Giant Canvas Dedicated To Street Art (Photo Gallery)-14

Belgium has a strange abandoned village dedicated to street art. A photographer has immersed himself in the heart of this giant, open-air and sublime street canvas. We make you discover this absolutely amazing ghost town through these photographs. Due to its proximity [...]

Portugese artist creates Amazing Artworks Created Using Just A Pen And Everyday Objects-3

When we look at objects that surround us, it is not necessarily with an artistic interest. Nevertheless, it is sufficient for Victor to use his twist of imagination and a few pencil strokes to perform amazing artworks from everyday banal [...]

Endangered Robotic Animals Armed To Fight Against Poachers-2

This magnificent series of illustrations depicts various endangered animals equipped with thick metal shields and devastating weapons. The artist wants to illustrate that these robotic animals can defend themselves against poachers, unlike today where they cannot defend themselves against illegal hunting. Robert Chew made ​​these [...]

Custom Leg Prosthesis Designs For The Fashionable Amputees-12

Some people, despite of their disabilities, do not consider themselves handicapped, and want to live and enjoy the life to its fullest. We present to you some of the customized and fashionable leg prostheses designs for such people.  Bespoke Innovations was [...]

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