Most Beautiful Photographs To Reveal The Beautiful Namibian Desert-10

A photographer with a passion for dreamlike landscapes has made several trips to Namibia to bring these breathtaking shots of the desert. We make you discover the beauty of this region through the work of this artist. Hougaard Malan is a [...]

Most Intriguing Abandoned Places In Middle Of Mojave Desert-12

Joe is a photographer who likes to venture into the Mojave Desert to find the abandoned places and photograph their beauty. The beautiful colors and amazing lights in his photographs enhance the beauty of these buildings returned to nature. Accompany Joe [...]

Sand Babel: A Desert City Concept With 3D printed Skyscrapers -1

3D printers are very much in the news nowadays, they are mostly used for making small products. However, a group of chinese designers has set out to prove this concept wrong. They want to show that 3D printing can also [...]

The Starry Sky Of The Atacama Desert, San Pedro, South America, Reveals Its Splendor (Video)-18

"Ancients" is a beautiful short time-lapse video that shows us the beauty of the Atacama Desert, located in South America. Thanks to the absence of clouds, the spectacle offers a splendid view of the starry sky at night. Stars look as [...]

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