Darpa's Future Tanks Will Use Stealth And Augumented Reality HUD Displays-

The american defence agency DARPA is working to replace current heavy tanks by light and agile fighting vehicles. The tank armor will be replaced by stealth technology. The driver will use augmented reality to identify hazards and targets in real [...]

Soft Exosuit: DARPA To Develop A Light Weight Fabric Exoskeleton-1

The United States Agency for defence research projects, DARPA, has awarded a grant of $ 2.9 million to the Wyss Institute at Harvard for the development of a fabric exoskeleton. The Wyss Institute, specializing in Bio-inspired Engineering at Harvard University, has [...]

ATLAS: The MIT's Humanoid Robot Can Carry A Heavy Beam-1

The MIT's humanoid robot ATLAS is making considerable progress. This impressive biped is able to take up a metal beam and carry it. The site Gizmodo has given it the title "Humanoid robot ATLAS advances and reaches the level of a lazy teenager". Apart [...]


DARPA has revealed a sniper bullet which can change it's direction mid-flight. DARPA has also  revealed a footage showing the successful launching of .50 caliber bullets. A project namely EXACTO was started with an aim to make the snipers’ accuracy more [...]

LS3: The Google's Mule Robot Field Tested In RIMPAC 2014 By US Marines-

LS3 is the mule robot developed by DARPA which was later acquired by Google. We had not seen any new performance of the robot since 2013. However, during RIMPAC, the quadruped robot was first tested in real conditions by US Military. [...]

Soldiers can climb up the vertical walls easily with the help of new DARPA's Bilogically inspired gloves

Climbing up the vertical walls is no longer an issue as US military is under-way to develop some gloves that can help you out in this regard. The anticipated gloves are inspired by gecko’s feet. A special type of cloth [...]

DARPA's new reality system

An augmented reality system has been recently revealed by US army which provides live update to the soldiers about the situation  battlefield. The technology is called ARC4 which allows the captain or commander of the soldiers to send them instructions [...]


The American company Boston Dynamics has been building the PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for last many years. Previously, we have been seeing the videos of  headless PETMAN Robot trying to imitate [...]

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