A Researcher Spends Time As A Goat In A Herd And The Reason Would Certainly Disturb You-

Thomas Thwaites 34, is a researcher from London who wanted to live a simple life. As a part of his efforts he lived for three days pretending to be a goat in a herd of goats in the Swiss Alpes. [...]

Insect cyborg: A beetle Can Now Be Turned Into A Drone-

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (USA) and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have been able to remotely control a real beetle using a muscle stimulation mechanism. The idea of ​​developing cyborg insects is not new but the [...]

20 Iconic Robots That Marked The History Of Cinema (Photo Gallery)-2

The robots are an important part of the cinematic landscape. They have even played the role of a hero or a villain in some films.  We present to you the example of 20 most famous robots from the history of [...]

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