An Amazing Skyscrapper To Change Color Like A Chameleon-

The "Tower Infinity" is a skyscraper that would be able to become invisible by blending into the landscape. The colors of the glass vary depending on its environment, which makes it invisible. Tired of all these buildings cluttering the urban landscape? And [...]

Expert Japanese Carpenters Make Wooden buildings without Using Nails!-1

Even today, Japanese carpenters have preserved an ancient art by constructing wooden buildings without using a single nail. With their unparalleled precision, they assemble the beams and planks with perfection to build houses having durable perfection. We make you discover the [...]

Amazing Bird Models Made Using Simple LEGO Bricks-9

Tom is a great bird enthusiast, so much so, that he creates some of the incredible LEGO replicas of these birds. We share with you these beautiful creations :) Poulsom Tom is an avid gardener and loves the birds. For some time, [...]

Daewoo's To Launch World's Biggest Cargo Ship Which is 70 Meters High-3

On land, in the air or on the seas, the means of transportation are constantly evolving. A Korean industrial group is finalizing the construction of the world's largest Cargo ship ever. We tell you more about this steel monster that [...]

A LEGO Passionate Reproduces Amazing Models Of Everyday Objects-8

Chris used the famous LEGO to reconstruct the minimalist models of all sorts of everyday objects. Spaceships to food and technological devices, we share with you a range of these amazing  creations! Chris McVeigh  is an English artist who has a passion for LEGO! Using [...]

World's Top 6 Most Majestic And Beautiful Train Stations-9

When you want to board a train, waiting in the station is not necessarily the most exciting moment. However, in some stations this becomes a magical moment thanks to the beautiful architecture of the station building. We make you discover six [...]

A Passionate Builds A Fully Functional Computer Keyboard With LEGO-2

A LEGO passionate has managed to surprise us by building a fully functional computer keyboard using these bricks. He shows us that the keyboard works just as well as a regular keyboard. We explain how it was developed. Jason Allemann is [...]

Harvard Scientists Take Inspiration From Termites To Make Fully Autonomous Builder Robots-3

Scientists have taken inspiration from termites to make fully autonomous robots, that are able to construct building structures on their own! We explains to you the working of these tiny builder robots. The success of "TERMS" Project at Harvard has revealed that a [...]

Build With Chrome App Enables You To Build virtual LEGO buildings Anywhere In The World (Video)-1

Google and LEGO have collaborated to design an unlikely but quite funny application! You can now build virtual buildings using colored LEGO bricks and place them anywhere on the world you want. Discover this absolutely brilliant app.   Build with Chrome has [...]

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