Top 10 High-Tech Connected Gadget Gifts For Christmas-8

With the arrival of christmas, Christmas trees and decorations are in place. Its time to remember the loved ones and present them with a gifts as a token of your love. And why not this year present high-tech products as [...]

Tinitell: This Connected Bracelet Lets You Always Stay In Touch with your child -

Want to stay connected with your child at any time? Yes, it is now possible thanks to Tinitell. This connected bracelet attached to the wrist of your little one, will enable him to call you with just one click. This object also [...]

Valour: World's First Connected Bike To Warn You Of Dangers Of Road-6

Connected gadgets continue to grow: after bracelets and shoes, here comes the first fully connected ultralight bike! With it, you will never get lost during a walk in the woods or in the city. A beautiful innovation that we make you [...]

Revolutionary Connected Gloves To Compose Music By simple Hand Gestures-

A female engineer and musician has made a prototype of revolutionary connected gloves. Once equipped with this device, you can literally create your own music just by moving your hands. We explain everything about this musical concept. Imogen Heap is both [...]

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