5 Dream Cars That Automakers Only Created For Video Games-2

One of the very tempting reason that make us play video games is that they allow us to drive cars that otherwise we would not have the chance to drive in real life. But besides the real luxury car models [...]

Top 18 Artistic Table Designs That Will Make You Admire Their Beauty-14

Real centerpiece of a room, it's around the tables that family and friends gather. When artistic ingenuity join aesthetic beauty of tables, it is a feast at every meal. We present to you a choice of tables that will make you [...]

5Futuristic Drones That Are Already A Reality -2

Drones are playing an increasingly important role in our society. While we still associate the many of their applications with future, some of them are already there.   Check out this list of five real and quite surprising drones. 1. USS Zumwalt [...]

Sand Babel: A Desert City Concept With 3D printed Skyscrapers -1

3D printers are very much in the news nowadays, they are mostly used for making small products. However, a group of chinese designers has set out to prove this concept wrong. They want to show that 3D printing can also [...]

This Concept Car Is Capable Of Running A Century Without A Refill-3

This revolutionary car will help you economize fuel! This concept car is indeed capable of running 100 years without a refuel or electrical recharge. Its engine will be powered by thorium mineral which is capable of producing a considerable amount of energy. [...]

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