Discover Kubb: A Compact And Energy Efficient Aesthetic Computer-

A French team has just designed Kubb: a powerful computer that is more efficient and consumes very little energy! A sublime and perfect cube of 12 cm: this is what will look like your computer in no time.  We tell you more [...]

Top 5 Famous Hackers-1

If hackers are primarily seen by governments as criminals, they are true geniuses who demonstrate their prowess about computer systems. We present to you the list of 5 biggest hackers of all time.  Robert Tappan Morris Robert Tappan Morris is an [...]

Revolutionary Connected Gloves To Compose Music By simple Hand Gestures-

A female engineer and musician has made a prototype of revolutionary connected gloves. Once equipped with this device, you can literally create your own music just by moving your hands. We explain everything about this musical concept. Imogen Heap is both [...]

A Passionate Builds A Fully Functional Computer Keyboard With LEGO-2

A LEGO passionate has managed to surprise us by building a fully functional computer keyboard using these bricks. He shows us that the keyboard works just as well as a regular keyboard. We explain how it was developed. Jason Allemann is [...]

American Students Hack Computers Of Their Teachers to Change Their Marks-3

When you were a student, may be you had dreamed of being able to modify the results of an exam that you failed. Well, some American students were able to achieve this. In a school in California, several students were [...]

The Pursuit Internet: Scientists Want To Create Peer-To-Peer Distributed Internet-2

Internet has now spread to most parts of the world and there are performance and server overloading problems. In order to solve this problem, some  researchers are working on a new way to connect to the web, inspired by the [...]

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