7 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Were Fired From Their Own Companies-

Some entrepreneurs create their own successful companies. However, as the size of the companies grow they take in more and more investors. Sometimes, it happens that the investors and the shareholders become more powerful. They even make decisions about the policies, as well [...]

Visit The New Sparkling Coca-Cola Offices In London-

Coca-Cola launches its new office in London and its design pays tribute to the Coca-Cola Culture! We present to you its new London premises that do not lack originality. Discover them without delay :) Designed by architects at Morey Smith, the new Coca-Cola office in [...]

Top 10 Professions With Maximum Number Of psychopaths-3

If you find that your office colleague or your boss gives the impression of being a psychopath, you may not have it wrong! Time magazine has made a list of 10 occupations having most and least number of psychopaths. We give [...]

Unusual Types Of Arms Captured At The U.S. Airports-3

We all know that after 9/11, the notion of security in United states airports took a very different meaning. The passengers have since been prohibited from carrying even the small knives in their hand carry. It is the responsibility of the security at [...]

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