To Unite The Community Against Violence Artists Paint A Mural On 200 Houses -

Palmitas is Mexican city that had developed a reputation of being plagued by violence. In order to improve the deteriorated image of the city the Mexican Government approached an association of artists named as the "Germen Crew". This youth organization has [...]

A Revolutionary Chameleon Coating That Changes Color On Demand-1

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, US, have created a chameleon coating capable of changing color when stretched or bent. Several applications are possible like camouflage for a vehicle, in giant screens or structural strength sensors for buildings and [...]

Scribble Pen: An Amazing Pen That Lets You Capture All The Colors Of Nature-4

It is now possible to capture any color of nature with this smart pen called Scribble Pen! With a sensor, it is able to detect more than 16 million different colors instantly and is able accurately reproduce the chosen color. Discover right [...]

Top 17 Most Beautiful Stairs That Will Make You Dreaming-7

When talking about street art, we often imagine imposing paintings on the walls. But it's not just the buildings that are the subject of this urban art, stair treads can also become the subject of artists inspiration! We make you discover [...]

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