Nextage: This Robot Can Not Only Build Aircrafts But Also Serve Coffee-

At the Japanese Robotic Week it is not uncommon to come across bizarre machines like Nextage. This interesting robot prepares coffee on demand for visitors to the exhibition. During the Japanese Robotic Week, held on 15, 16 and 17 October [...]

The Braisieur: A Unique Clock That Makes Coffee To Wake You Up-3

If you find it difficult to get out of the bed each morning, this new clock will make your waking up experience more enjoyable. This wonderful Machine does not only just tell you the time, it also prepares your coffee. Come on, [...]

An Unusual Owl Bar Where You can Drink Coffee While Cuddling Owls-1

Very strange cafes have been opened in several Japanese cities. After cat bars, a new concept emerged: Owl bars! We make you discover an owl bar where you can have a coffee while cuddling these adorable owls. We are familiar with [...]

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