Coca Cola

Ekocycle Cube: A 3D Printer That Uses Recycled Coca Cola Bottles As Filament-

Ekocycle Cube is an eco-friendly 3D printer that recycles trash Coca Cola bottles into a 3D object. It is a product of 3D Systems which is an American brand specializing in 3D printing solutions. Coca Cola and a famous US [...]

Visit The New Sparkling Coca-Cola Offices In London-

Coca-Cola launches its new office in London and its design pays tribute to the Coca-Cola Culture! We present to you its new London premises that do not lack originality. Discover them without delay :) Designed by architects at Morey Smith, the new Coca-Cola office in [...]

Bio Cooler: Coca-Cola Invents A Refrigerator That Works Without Electricity-2

There are many small villages, around the world, in far flung areas which suffer from scorching heat and do not have electricity. Now, people living in such villages can have a sigh of relief as they can have their fridge [...]


  Oko company designs a water bottle fitted with a filtration system that instantly turns cola and other soft drinks into clear and colourless water. The filtre is inspired by a NASA technology used on the International Space Station. It [...]

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