Actwait To Save Pedestrian Lives By making Them Play Pong At Crossings-2

We will not lie, waiting to cross a road is never fun and it is often very tempting to rush between cars to save time. Then why not wait and play a video game rather than risk your life to save [...]

Dubai Plans To Build An Entire City Resort With Self-Regulating Temperature-3

After building an indoor ski slope in the desert, city of Dubai is embarking on a new project crazy: a city whose temperature will be regulated automatically. We tell you more about this new innovative city to be constructed in [...]

1600 Paper Mache Pandas Invade The City Of Hong Kong-9

Paulo, a French artist has put 1,600 paper mache pandas in the streets of Hong Kong. In agreement with the WWF, this pretty operation aims to educate passersby about the tragic death of this animal.  The French artist Grangeon Paulo, in collaboration [...]

Discover The Beauty Of French City Of Nancy As Filmed By A Drone-11

France is the world's most visited country as far as the number of tourists is concerned. However, there is another unusual way to enjoy the beauty of this city: that is by means of filming by a drone. We show [...]

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